my granny

  the one i love best is my granny. the one who loves me best is also 放慢脚步作文my granny . she is so kind that everyone who knows her likes her very much. but i'm sorry to say that my dear granny go好词好段摘抄大全t cancer.

  it was a cold day, but my heart was even colder. i could not accept the fact that my granny got cancer. facts are facts. only a抗日战争作文n 全民国防日operation could help her. the doctor told us she was too weak to be operated on, but my granny insisted that she could stand it. so the doctors did the operation. after the operation, my granny could not sleep, or eat, or say a word because of the pain .

  every one of my family felt sad. my granny not看花展作文iced this, so she tried her best to nod and smile to us . we smiled back. every day, my granny said she felt better but actually the pain was still there. once, she said to me, “yangyang, my dear. i'll be all right.”

  my granny was growing thinner and thinner, but she was still smiling. the smile gave us hope.

  the other day , i went to the hospital to see my granny . she said , “spring is coming. though i'm in hospital, i can feel the warmth. yangyang i think i'll go home soon.”

  how i hope she would be home soon!





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